What is MYHMC?
Master Plan discussion begins:
During the early part of 2012 public meetings will be held on the Master Plan process. MYHMC is coordinating that activity with the City, the RPC, the City Planning Commission and Jefferson Parish. Notice of those public meetings will be broadly distributed and there will be notice on this website.

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, the Regional Planning Commission(RPC) had already commenced some planning activities in the area where the seafood restaurants used to be and where the old parking lot is located. Since Katrina much has changed as a consequence of the plans of the Corps of Engineers. In 2010 MYHMC commissioned professional planners Cashio Cochran LLC to prepare an initial draft Master Plan to have something to start from in a public dialogue(see link below to a pdf of that draft Master Plan).

In the meantime, let us hear from you about what you think via the "Contact" link.
View Draft of Master Plan
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