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The following is a growing compilation of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the properties managed by the Municipal Yacht Harbor Management Corporation:

- Are there currently slips available for rent at Municipal Yacht Harbor?

  • The quick answer to that is no. Currently Municipal Yacht Harbor is awaiting reconstruction following Hurricane Katrina and as such, only the West Pier is currently available to individuals seeking slips. More info can be found by clicking HERE .

- Why hasn't Municipal Yacht Harbor been rebuilt?

  • Municipal Yacht Harbor is currently undergoing review by FEMA in order to determine the funding needed for reconstruction. More info on the harbor can be found HERE and info on the FEMA claims process by clicking HERE .

- Is the MYHMC affiliated with the Friends of West End?

  • MYHMC works in concert with the Friends of West End for the betterment of the greenspaces throughout West End. MYHMC holds one permanent seat on the Board of Directors.

- Is MYHMC affiliated with either the New Orleans Yacht Club or Southern Yacht Club?

  • No. The two yacht clubs located at West End are private clubs and completely separate entities from MYHMC. However, NOYC is a tenant of MYHMC.

- Is there an active sailing scene in New Orleans?

  • Yes. New Orleans alone has three yacht clubs and two sailing associations as well as numerous fleet associations. There is a highly active racing and cruising contingent on Lake Pontchartrain and the Gulf Coast and it's evidenced by nearly one third of the US Olympic Sailing Team coming from the city and the coast. Please visit either the New Orleans Yacht Club or the Southern Yacht Club for more information.

- How do I crew or enter my boat to race in the sailboat regattas?


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